Crocifisso | Restaurant

“My dishes are born from the strong bond with my land, a bond matured since childhood when in Germany, my mother and my grandmother, to maintain contact with Sicily on our table, used pure products of the Sicilian tradition, turning them into unique and tasty dishes.

The aromas and the flavors of those dishes influenced my choice to be a cook and my way of cooking …

I love preparing traditional dishes that I express in a contemporary way, working carefully selected high quality Sicilian raw materials, with great attention to genuineness and seasonality.

Every single dish, before being included in the menu, is subjected to research, studies, experiments and comparisons.

The menu is the business card of every chef, it must, therefore, contain his idea of cooking … Our menu is free from schemes. You choose what you like without rules …”

Image | Via Rocco Pirri 19 | (+39) 0931 836051